Spiritual Healing


2pm-4pm & 5-7pm

Everyone is welcome, including animalswhether to receive healing or to sit in the quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Free of charge, although donations gratefully received

We have a dedicated group of healers working in the church for everyone’s benefit. You don’t have to be in purely physical pain to receive the healing balm, the power works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, – yes, even spiritual.

It can help those of you who are aspiring to become more spiritually aware. 

We cannot guarantee any results because it is important you play your part in the healing process.  Healing is NOT an alternative to orthodox medicine but a complimentary option which many hospitals and some doctors surgeries are now looking at more seriously. 

The spirit has told us for countless generations that the “mind is the builder” and in this harsh modern world, peace is a commodity that can’t be purchased.  It can however be found with those who are earnestly wishing to find it within the healing balm.