Development Groups


Monthly Philosophy Group

The Group will commence meeting on the first Friday of the month from September 2023 until May 2024. 

The evening will commence at 7.30pm and admission is £3 per person per week.  Attendees are expected to play an active part in the evening; please bring notes on your thoughts and comments to share with others and be prepared to speak on the night.

The objective is to help newcomers understand the basic philosophy of Spiritualism but may encompass other associated issues as discussions arise.

Proposed discussions –

Sept 1st – The history of the SNU Seven Principles; where did they come from, how were they structured? When were they adopted by the SNU?

Oct 6th – What does Personal Responsibility mean?  How does it interact with the issue of Free Will?

Nov 3rd – How would you explain The Communion of Spirits and The Ministry of Angels to a non-spiritualist?  What constitutes the Communion of Spirits?

Dec 1st – Why do the Principles speak of the Continuous Existence of the Human Soul?  Why is this necessary?

January 5th 2024 – The Philosophy behind Spiritual Healing.

February 2nd – Personal Responsibility, what does it include?

March 1st – The Fatherhood of God, what does this tell us about our relationship with God?

April 5th – The Brotherhood of Man, how we are connected and what is our responsibility to those we know and those we do not know.

May 3rd – Eternal progress open to every Human Soul.

Leaflets are available in the church on a variety of matters pertaining to Spiritualism and books on the Seven Principles are available to purchase from the  SNU.

The evenings will be chaired by Elaine Bevan and other guest chairmen from within the church.