Development Groups


Pathways: An ‘open’ development group

“Pathways” a new ‘open’ development group run by David Powell CSNU which started in January 2015. Offers: practical and informative techniques,and guidance and practice to help develop and enhance spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment in a supportive and encouraging environment.

David is an experienced working medium and SNU award holder.

Course Dates: Commencing 10th January 2022, the last meeting before the summer break is Monday 25th July and recommencing Monday 5th September, last meeting 3rd April 2023. Please see Church Diary for all dates.  

Course Fees: £5.00 per session

Suitable for: For aspiring mediums and also open to all those who simply wish to explore their own spiritual and mediumistic potential.

Further details: David Powell on 07779 855370