Development Groups

Pathways: An ‘open’ development group

“Pathways” a new ‘open’ development group run by David Powell CSNU which started in January 2015. Offers: practical and informative techniques,and guidance and practice to help develop and enhance spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The sessions will complement the Stepping Stones class run by Chris Mitchell and serves as an ideal bridge to a closed circle. The programme will cover a wide range of spiritual and mediumistic practices with an emphasis on helping you to liberate your own power and abilities and thus build confidence.

David is an experienced working medium and SNU award holder.

Course Dates: Commencing 16th September 2019 to 9th December 2019. Please see Church Diary for all dates.  

Course Fees: £3.00 per session

Suitable for: For aspiring mediums and also open to all those who simply wish to explore their own spiritual and mediumistic potential.

Further details: David Powell on 07779 855370

Meditation & Basic Awareness Class

Anna Greenyer has over 20 years experience in Buddhist and Spiritual meditation practices.

Regular meditation not only helps us develop a peaceful mind, it is essential for anyone who is developing their psychic and mediumistic gifts.  These classes are open to anyone, from the complete novice to those that meditate regularly.

Anna’s class will teach you techniques to raise your spiritual awareness and develop a sense of peace in our busy world.

Course dates:  Tuesday evening at 7.30pm and are held fortnightly.  Please check “Church Diary” for the date of the next meeting. The last meeting for this group is 22nd May 2018.

Fees: £3.00 per session.

Further details: please email Anna on

Psychic Art Workshop

These workshops are run by Anna Greenyer on the last Saturday of the month. They are open to everyone, even if you think that you don’t have any artistic ability.  The workshops cover drawing spirit portraits, auras, aura graphs, encaustic art and more. These are friendly, relaxed meetings and students have a lot of fun experimenting with different forms of art.

Course dates: There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.

 Fees: £5.00 per session, this includes the cost of materials. 

Further details: please email Anna on